So, the continuation of our saga with one particular pub, is that we went in a couple of days ago as part of our weekly ‘flash duo’ tour around (so far) North London taverns with pianos to see if we could play a song. Last time we went in, and if you’ve read the previous blogs you’ll know that we’ve been into this particular pub a few times and received various vague responses, the chap behind the bar said that they’ll sort something out; but this time he skated over this and suggested that we spoke to the other manager.

For some reason (probably because we’re coming across as a couple of pretentious artists threatening his territory) this chap doesn’t like us, so by passing us on to the other guy, he can get rid of us.

Anyway, the other chap was very amenable and suggested that we send him any youtube clips that we had etc. This is fine, but couldn’t we have just played a couple of songs there and then, Would we have really of disturbed his customers (all 8 of them) by playing some folk songs on a piano at the end of the pub?

Of course, we all know that as soon as I send him the link to the album launch at the Pizza Express, he’ll say it’s not what they want… I did explain that we just want to play a couple of songs in the day time and only occasionally. Let’s see what he comes up with.

Here’s a pic of Dorian and I playing one song at the fabulous drum/coffee shop called tower 47 taken by Mark Dodds.

tower 47 June 13

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